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The Open Brand -- Problem Reporting and Interpretations System

Certification Authority-level Actions

8. Communicating with the Submitter

During the resolution process for a report there are a number of times when the Submitter of the report may need to be notified about the status of the report. This is done by a Certification Authority Responder using the Notify Submitter page.

SA Review The SA Review may reach a final response or decide that an Expert Review Group review is needed. The submitter must be notified of the final response, or that an Expert Group Review is being invoked to review the issue.
Expert Group Review When an Expert Group Review has concluded the CA will notify the submitter of the resolution.
Appeal Process When a resolution has been appealed by the submitter, and the appeal process has been concluded, the CA will notify the submitter of the outcome of the appeal.

In each of the above cases the PR system provides a Notify Submitter page that includes a template containing the text of an email that will be sent to the submitter, and a space for the CA responder to add additional text to the email, and to provide their name. When they submit the form the email will be sent out to the submitter of the problem report.



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