UNIX 98 Workstation
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Product Standard
Operating System and Languages: UNIX 98 Workstation
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Product Standard


UNIX 98 Workstation



When this logo is used on, or in relation to a product registered as conformant to this Product Standard, it must be accompanied by an attribution, in the form defined in the Trademark License Agreement, which includes the UNIX 98 Workstation Product Standard name.


The UNIX 98 Workstation Product Standard is the same as the UNIX 98 Product Standard, but with the addition of the requirement to also conform to the Common Desktop Environment Product Standard.


A single configuration of the system shall meet all of the conformance requirements defined in the following mandatory Product Standards:

In addition, it may optionally conform to the Software Administration Product Standard. The Conformance Statement must state whether the product includes this Product Standard.

The product must be registered as conformant to the Product Standards prior to, or concurrent with, the UNIX 98 Workstation Product Standard registration.

Except where it would imply the use of language features that require both X/Open Common Usage C and ISO C semantics, a single source program written in X/Open Common Usage C or in ISO C shall be able to use all the services provided by the Portability Interfaces of all those Product Standards.


Refer to the Product Standards listed in Conformance Requirements.


Refer to the Product Standards listed in Conformance Requirements.


Refer to the Product Standards listed in Conformance Requirements.


Refer to the Product Standards listed in Conformance Requirements.


There are very few incompatibility issues in migrating applications from systems registered as conformant to Base 95 or UNIX 95 systems. The few incompatibilities largely arise from alignment with formal international standards. See the Migration section of the Product Standards listed in Conformance Requirements for more information.

Detailed migration information can also be found in Go Solo 2.1

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Go Solo 2, May 1997 (ISBN: 0-13-575689-8, X909P).