Commands and Utilities V4

Category: Operating System Services [CX]

This Product Standard provides a command interface to a range of system utilities. It includes conformance to ISO/IEC 9945-3:2002 (POSIX-2). It is an enhanced version of the Commands and Utilities V3 Product Standard. The principal enhancements are: The c99 utility has been added to support ISO/IEC 9899: 1999 (C Language) included in the Internationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended V3 Product Standard. This facility replaces the c89 untility which has been withdrawn, the iconv utility is added from the P1003.2b draft standard. Many utilities have additional behavior for handling of symbolic links. This feature is incorporated from the P1003.2b draft standard, a set of Batch utilities has been incorporated from IEEE Std 1003.2d-1994, deficiencies have been corrected as a result of incorporation of IEEE PASC Interpretations and The Open Group Corriogenda and Resolutions.

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