Multi-purpose Realtime Operating System

Category: Operating System Services [RT]

This Product Standard defines interfaces and functionality to support the source portability of applications with realtime requirements. The product standard is aligned with ANSI/IEEE Std. 1003.1b-1993, ANSI/IEEE Std. 1003.1c-1995, and ANSI/IEEE Std. 1003.1i-1995. Realtime in operating systems is the ability of the operating system to provide a required level of service in a bounded response time. The requirements of this product standard are to implement the POSIX 1003.1b-1993 Realtime extensions, with optional support for the POSIX 1003.1c-1995 threads extension.

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Referenced Documents:

System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 5 - Two Volumes

System Interface Definitions, Issue 5

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Conformance Statement Questionnaires:

CSQ for Multi-purpose Realtime Operating System

Test Suites:

VSX-PCTS (VSX4 run in POSIX.1-1996 mode) , and VSRT , and optionally VSTH

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