Support for VSLDAP Users
General Support

A Support Request is the mechanism for test suite licensees to

For help with test suite installation, configuration and operation, to make test suite enhancement requests or for other related information, please use the test suite help desk at URL:

If you identify test suite bugs or questionable interpretations of the specifications on which the tests are based that may prevent you from making a sucessful conformance claim then please use the Open Brand Problem Reporting system:

See the Open Group's Interpretations area for more details

Support Requests receive a response, generally within a working day, acknowledging initial receipt of the request. A follow-on message containing an initial analysis of the request and the expected path for addressing it is sent to the submitter, generally within 3 working days from receipt of the request, at most six working days.

Rules for Certification

If you are using the test suite for certification purposes you should be familiar with the process. See the Open Group's Testing area for details, and in particular, consult the Checklist.

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