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LDAP Certified Checklist

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A checklist of what is needed to register an LDAP Certified product

LDAP Certified Summary of Registration Requirements

A Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) must be in place or accompany the application.  Please be aware that this is a legal agreement and lawyers tend to want to examine it carefully. This can take time, so we strongly recommend that you start the process for  your company to sign the TMLA as early as possible before you apply for product registration.

A Product Standard Registration application Form must be completed and signed together with payment or purchase order if fees are due.  Please note:  If your company is a current member of The Open Group with Directory Interoperability work area entitlement plus a VSLDAP test suite license together with a current support contract, then there is no registration fee.  Please enter N/A in the 'Total' for the fees on the Registration Form.

The VSLDAP test suite is the indicator of compliance for the Product Standard.   Test results must be submitted  with the Conformance Statement which describes the product more fully and deals with any optional areas in the standard.

Prior to registration, we need:-

The following documents should be submitted as hard copy:-

  • TMLA: a signed TMLA (if not already in place).  The Agreement and separate signature page are available from the left hand column links on The Open Brand web page.
  • Registraton Form:  use the general Product Standard Registration form and state the Product Standard  as "LDAP Certified".
  • Cover Letter:  a letter indicating the documents submitted and stating the Product Standard you are registering.  This should include the product name and any other relevant information eg. purchase order (or PO reference number with address for invoice) if applicable
  • Test Report Summary:  please provide a printed copy of vsldap.report.  Please read and sign/date the disclaimer at the end.

Electronic files:-

  •  Conformance Statement:  Please submit a completed Conformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ) for LDAP Certified from the online CSQ system http://www.opengroup.org/public/csq/    You will need an account  on this system which is separate from our main web.   Please email conformance@opengroup.org.   and we will supply you with a login and password.
  • VSLDAP Test Results
  • the results of a test run of the 'all' scenario in the ldap-certified-base.scn scenario file
  • a run of the program vsldap/bin/report with the results directed to a file named vsldap.report
  • if a different server configuration is needed for test bind (see user guide for more information) then carry out a test run of the 'bind23' scenario in ldap-certified-base.scn
    Do this after the test report 'vsldap.report' has been generated from the 'all' test journal.

In summary, please submit the following to your Open Group. ftp account:-

  1. journal file from the 'all' test run.
  2. vsldap.report file
  3. Text file listing all FAIL, UNRESOLVED or UNINITIATED results and the waivers/interpretations which convert these results to a pass. This is all explained more fully in the VSLDAP User Guide

If you require help, please email  conformance@opengroup.org

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