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UNIX V7 Testing Checklist

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A checklist of what is needed to register a UNIX V7 product

This checklist comprises the following parts:

  • UNIX V7 : a summary and further notes on the details with regard to the test results submitted;
  • Where to find the CSQs;
  • Brand requirements versus test suite tables for UNIX V7

UNIX V7 Summary of Registration Requirements

A Trademark License Agreement needs to be in place or must accompany the application together with a letter detailing the royalty agreement with The Open Group.

Please complete a test campaign definition form to The Open Group prior to commencing your test campaign.

Product Standard registration application forms need to be completed and signed. A covering letter bringing together the contents of the application and any other relevant information such as purchase order number (if the purchase order is not enclosed) is also requested.

The UNIX V7 Product Standard is made up of the following constituent Product Standards:-

  • Internationalised System Calls & Libraries Extended V4
  • Commands & Utilities V5
  • C Language V2
  • Internationalised Terminal Interfaces V2

It optionally can include the following Product Standard:

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

The constituent Product Standards need to be either registered in advance or all registered at the same time as the main Product Standard. They need to be presented with their individual Conformance Statements and indicator of compliance where necessary, please see details below.

In order to keep the amount of paper and processing time to a minimum we are only asking for the legal forms and those pages from the test reports which need signing and/or dating in hard copy.

A summary of what we need is:- (any essential extra detail is provided below under specific Product Standards)

  • In hard copy
    • TMLA + royalty agreement letter (if not already in place)
    • Forms and letters
      1. Covering letter
      2. Purchase order (or PO reference number with address for invoice)
      3. Application forms for the UNIX V7 Product Standard and for its constituent Product Standards.
      4. For each test suite VSX4, VSX5, VSU5, VSC5, VSTH5, VSRT (and optionally VSRBAC) we need the first pages of vrpt where signatures and dates are present.
        Note that VSX4, VSX5, VSU5, VSTH, VSRT may be used together as a merged test suite under VSXgen, the first pages of vrpt output from the merged test suite are also acceptable as an alternative to the individual requirements for VSX4, VSX5, VSU5, VSTH5 and VSRT.
  • Electronic files uploaded by ftp to your incoming directory in your ftp account or in the case of the Conformance Statements to the online WWW CSQ system.
    • CSQs (blank copies may be downloaded here: http://www.opengroup.org/csq/csqdata/blanks/)

      Completed Conformance Statements for:-

      1. UNIX V7
      2. Internationalised System Calls and Libraries Extended V4
      3. C Language V2
      4. Commands & Utilities V5
      5. Internationalised Terminal Interfaces V2
    • Test Reports
      1. Test results (vrpt output) from VSX4, VSX5, VSU5 VSC5, VSTH5 and VSRT.
        Note that a single vrpt file for the merged suite (under VSXgen) comprising VSX4, VSX5, VSU5, VSTH5 and VSRT is an acceptable alternative to separate files for each test suite.
      2. Journal files from VSU5, VSC5, VSTH5, VSX4, VSX5 and VSRT
        Note that a single journal file for the merged suite (under VSXgen) comprising VSX4, VSX5, VSU5, VSTH5 and VSRT is an acceptable alternative to separate files for each test suite.
      3. For each test suite, we need a list of any FAIL, UNRESOLVED, UNREPORTED or UNINITIATED results set out in table form with their associated granted interpretations (TSD, PIN etc) plain-text is fine.
      4. Test results for ISO-C (Perennial or Plum Hall)

Further detailed notes on the above set out by Component:-

For each test suite a journal is required from an uninterrupted test run using the test suite supplied or test suite generated scenario files.

For test results, please refer to general requirements for uploading electronic files above, only extra specific files/outputs are inserted below under the particular Product Standard.

Internationalised System Calls & Libraries Extended V4

  • Either:

    The VSX4 test results from a single run in UNIX 10 mode.

    The VSX5 test results from a single run in UNIX 10 mode (must include all the subsets: base6, dynl, lfs and mse)

    The VSTH5 test results from a single run in UNIX 10 mode.

    The VSRT test results from a single run in UNIX 10 mode.

    The VSU5 test results from a single run in UNIX 10 mode

  • OR:

    The test results from a single run in UNIX 10 mode of the merged test suite (under VSXgen) comprising valid releases of VSX4, VSX5, VSU5, VSTH5 and VSRT.

C Language V2

ISO-C the requested output files from a valid release of either the Perennial or Plum Hall test suites.


The test suite is CVSA.. Submit the test results per the 'Perennial CVSA C99 Conformance Validation Procedures'.  You can obtain the CVSA procedures by logging in to the Customer Login area on the website (www.peren.com), and selecting "CVSA".  The procedures are also contained in the /doc directory in the test suite.

Plum Hall: The test suite is CVS, the following is needed:

1. A copy of the controlling script used to harness the suite (could be a makefile or shell script, batchfile etc.), and the copy of envsuite used to 'source' the suite's environment. 
2. The header files defs.h, compil.h, machin.h, gotdiag.h, flags.h. 
3. Compiler logs (eg. *.clg) and output files (eg. *.out) from the CONFORM directory, any linker logs (eg. *.llg) needed to show a diagnostic for mandatory error tests, and any other files produced needed to demonstrate compliance. 
4. Overview of results produced by summary -f fulltest.exp 
5. Completed questionnaire on Implementation defined features. Plain text files should be provided with the output reports stored as individual files and a document explaining how to extract the data and process the contents should also be supplied.

For Perennial & Plum Hall please submit the results by ftp or email the files to the Conformance Administrator. For UNIX V7 conformance the ISO C compiler is required to be the c99 utility.

Commands & Utilities V5

A completed Conformance Statement Questionnaire for Commands and Utilities Version 5.

Test results from VSC5 in a single run in UNIX 10 mode.

For VSC5, the bldfillst tool has been removed. Its use is no longer required when submitting VSC test results for certification.

A uuencoded copy of the "vrpt -L54 JournalFile" output. and "vrpt -L54 -lsect JournalFile"

A uuencoded tar archive containing all files in the ImplSpec directory.

Internationalised Terminal Interfaces V2

A completed Conformance Statement Questionnaire for Internationalised Terminal Interfaces V2.

There are two options, for 'hard' conformance the indicator of compliance is VSU5. For 'soft' conformance there is no indicator of compliance and the CSQ should be completed accordingly.

Conformance Statement Questionnaires

Conformance Statements should be completed and emailed back to The Open Group.

UNIX V7 Brand Requirements versus Test Suites

UNIX V7 Internationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended V4
(Including optional Real Time sections)
Commands and Utilities V5 VSC5
C Language V2 Plum Hall CVS or Perennial CVSA
Internationalized Terminal Interfaces V2 VSU5 is required for hard conformance.


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