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The Open Group Testing Advantage

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You are here: Testing > Testing Services > The Open Group testing advantage

The key advantages of using The Open Group's test suites are as follows:

  • For Developers:
    • Can be used in-house as part of the quality assurance cycle as regular regression tests, thereby saving large development and maintenance costs.
    • Reduces the cost of cost of developing and maintaining multi-platform application software.
    • Automated Tests, enabling them to be re-run regularly and cost effectively.
    • Use the industry standard test framework (TET)
    • High quality assertion based, independently developed tests, aligned to the IEEE POSIX 1003.3 test methods.
    • Verifies conformance to industry agreed standards
  • For buyers:
    • Ensure standards-based products
    • Provides the tools to measure API conformance.
    • The most complete set of API conformance test suites.
    • Adequate conformance testing leads to reduced integration costs and protection of investments in applications, software and people.
    • Independently Developed.


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