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List of Recognized Methods

Accenture Delivery Methods (ADM)
Advanced Generali Systems Engineering Method (AGSM)
Allstate Architecture Standards and Methods (AASM)
BearingPoint Configure To Fit Method
BearingPoint Methodology
Bredemeyer VAP
CA Solution Architecture Methodology
CGI Risk- and Cost-Driven Architecture (RCDA)
CSC Catalyst
Capgemini Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF)
Credit Suisse IT Solution Framework
Dragon1 EA Method
Enterprise Solution Delivery (ESD)
Fujitsu Macroscope
GM System Delivery Process (SDP)
HP Methods
IBM Global Services Method
IBM Team Solution Design
IMPACT (TCS Architecture Development Methodology)
Intel AEPF
Intel IT Architecture Development Methodology (Intel IADM)
MSF Microsoft Solutions Framework
New Zealand Inland Revenue - IR Method
One AT&T Approach for Programs and Projects and IT Unified Process
Oracle Unified Method (OUM)
Rational Unified Process (RUP)
Raytheon Enterprise Architecture Process (REAP)
SDS Innovator (including Proposal Phase)
SUN Architect Implement and Manage (AIM)
Systems Flow Investigative Architecture
Telstra Technology Delivery Process (TDP)
TelstraClear Infrastructure Lifecycle Process (ILP)
UPS Solution Architecture Process
WAY4U - Technical Architecture Path

How to Submit a New Method for Recognition

The Open Group publishes a set of criteria for the recognition of IT Architecture methods, see section 6 of the Conformance Requirements (section 7 in version 1.2). You can submit documentation in support of an unrecognized method at the same time as you submit your Certification Package, or in advance of your submission (see below for more details).

A template document is provided (Microsoft Word format).

Note that the template requests you enter your Candidate ID. If you are completing and submitting the template prior to a submission, enter Not Applicable (NA) for the Candidate ID.

What documentation needs to be submitted for getting a method recognized?
You should complete and submit the above template to provide your assessment of how the method meets the published criteria, with sufficient references and/or back up material to support your case when evaluated by an expert the field of IT Architecture. This assessment should be a summary of the case for recognition of the method and limited to no more than five pages of text.

If the method is publicly available, then references (URLs, publication titles, course references) will usually suffice to backup the assessment.

If the method is proprietary and not publicly accessible, you will need to provide more information.

Can a method be evaluated and recognized in advance of an individual certification request?
Yes. You may at any time submit a request for recognition of a method. Since a method may be rejected by the Review Board you may wish to wait to hear back prior to submitting full candidate materials. Methods for evaluation should be sent using the template provided to the Open CA Certification Authority (see the bottom of the left hand panel for contact details).

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