OSDU Forum Achievements So Far

  • Four subcommittees have been created (driven by the members):
    • Enterprise Architecture:
      • Driving the development and evergreening of all architecture/ design subjects
    • Data Definition:
      • Driving, for example, the common data definitions
    • Information Security:
      • Driving all items related to Security such as API security, Governance, etc,
    • Business Model:
    • What will be a sustainable model for the future
  • OSDU architecture has landed as the base for the OSDU release 1
  • Creation of a TIGER team driving the development and implementation of the OSDU DEMO Release.

OSDU Forum Plans for the Coming Months

  • Release of OSDU DEMO release 1:
    • Shared release including a demo application (and data)
    • Focus on Wells
    • Released on Amazon™️ Web Services and Microsoft®️ Azure platforms
    • Accessible for all members to get a better idea of what OSDU is all about
    • Planned for July, 2019
  • Release of OSDU release 1:
    • Can be implemented on member subscription of Microsoft Azure or AWS and potentially Google®️ GCP
    • Will be implemented, on request, by MS/AWS/GCP
    • Focus on Wells and potentially Seismic data
    • Planned for approximately 3 to 4 months (H2, 2019) after the OSDU DEMO release 1
    • Ongoing delivery of project outcomes by all Subcommittees
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