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The Open Subsurface Data Universe™ Forum provides a vendor-neutral environment for the development of open data platform and ecosystem. It utilizes the global reach of The Open Group to build awareness, recognition, and adoption.

The OSDU forum is open to stakeholders from oil and gas operators, service companies, technology providers, software companies, academia and others. The aim is to accelerate innovation and transformation in the industry.

By actively participating in the OSDU Forum your organization can:

  • Accelerate platform design and development efforts by taking advantage of work that has already been proven
  • Reduce the cost burden of designing and validating a subsurface data platform on your own
  • Accelerate your digital agility through increased collaboration with a community of experts
  • Benefit from a community developed data platform enabling the rapid and low cost development of differentiating strategic business workflows and solutions by vendors, operators, academia, and others
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