Ottawa 2017: Proceedings - Security Forum

Security Forum

Objective of Meeting

The Security Forum had activities over a three-day period with one full day of dedicated Forum meetings.


On Monday, July 17 there was a plenary presentation by “Probability Management” on the Flaw of Averages: Why we Underestimate Risk in the Face of Uncertainty and how extensions were made to the Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis Tool (under development within the Security Forum) to extend the tools functionality.

On Tuesday, July 18 the Forum had a full-day meeting on the current set of active initiatives as well as future planning:

  • Review of the Security Architecture Practitioners Project and presentation to the Architecture Forum
    Discussion on proposed joint activity and new initiatives. This was done in preparation for the Joint Security/Architecture Forum meeting on Wednesday.
  • Detailed design review of FAIR of a spreadsheet open source Open FAIR Risk Analysis Tool
    This was done in collaboration with the standards body “Probability Management” and to generate consensus on the current approach/design.
  • Future Directions of Open FAIR:
    • Status of current Open FAIR projects
    • Does the Open FAIR standard need to be updated to reflect advancements in the Open FAIR Risk Analysis spreadsheet tool?
    • Open FAIR and issues regarding promotion and adoption including:
      • Process Guide
      • Proposed Risk Analysis initiatives (Security Coordination Project)
      • Potential extensions to the standard
      • Collaboration with the FAIR Institute
      • Collaboration with “Probability Management”
      • Rebranding Initiative
    • How to capitalize on the Academic Program

On Wednesday, July 19 the Security Forum met in a joint session with multiple Forums to participate in the Cybersecurity Coordination Project (see separate report). Later in the day there was a joint meeting with the Architecture Forum to discuss the current progress on the Security Architecture Practitioners Project and any other potential issues or support the Architecture Forum may require going forward (see separate report).


Notes for internal distribution were captured and will be brought back to the entire Forum at the next steering committee meeting/work group meeting.

Next Steps

Captured in minutes supplied to the members of the Security Forum.


The Open Group Platinum Members