Paris 2016: Proceedings - Architecture Forum

Architecture Forum Members' Meetings (4/4):

Thursday, October 27 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the topics for the Forum and to follow up on the different activities from the working groups. The meeting also aimed to make important decisions about the TOGAF® volumes Company Review process, specifically about the issue resolution process for the changes received and the status of the process as a whole. A course of action was also discussed and defined to take to define a new Forum strategy and vision.


The following topics were covered in the meeting:

  • Welcome and general introduction and attendees presentation.
  • Special welcome and context was provided for new members that joined the meeting for the first time to facilitate their engagement.
  • Forum strategy presentation. General summary for the discussion held during the week. The actions regarding the next steps to take to define the Forum vision and strategy were ratified.
  • Project Scorecard overview presentation and discussion.
  • Business reports: certification, publications, membership status.
  • The TOGAF Company Review status report was presented and discussed. The topics discussed during the week were ratified and several consent items were defined aimed to facilitate the proposed resolutions process.
  • The leaders delivered their reports from the committees: Certification Standing Committee and Ecosystem Standing Committee.
  • The leaders of the different working activities delivered their reports: progress, approach, deliverables, and matters of the Forum.
  • Members of the IT4IT™ Forum were present at the meeting in order to pursue joint activities between the two Forums and also with the ArchiMate® Forum. It was agreed to plan for a meeting in San Francisco and start the actions to move forward with the activity.
  • A new activity was presented and approved to move forward: Agile Architecture White Paper.
  • The next point was forward planning for the San Francisco meeting, considering the working sessions needed to continue with the process to address the changes received in the TOGAF Company Review and to solve other issues defined during the session.
  • Approval for the different working activities to continue.
  • Open actions and consent items review.


  • Detailed meeting minutes and the list of consent items and open actions to support the current activities and key decisions about the different working activities, the TOGAF Company Review, Guides development, joint activities, and the rest of the working activities.
  • Guidelines to define a working plan to improve and speed the proposed resolutions for the change requests.
  • Specific actions to review and define a strategy and vision for the Forum.
  • High-level planning for the San Francisco event members' meetings.

Next Steps

  • Take the proper actions to comply with the defined roadmap for the TOGAF Company Review: improve the process management and consensus achievement, and accelerate the process.
  • Take the specific actions to define the target state for the Forum strategy.
  • Improve the actions to gather more member participation in all the Forum activities.
  • Support the new joint activities proposed.
  • Support the new and current activities in place and ask for collaboration among the whole Forum membership.
  • Follow up on the consent items and open actions.


The Open Group Platinum Members