Paris 2016: Proceedings - Healthcare Forum

Healthcare Forum Members' Meetings

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the meetings was to teview, revise, and expand Oliver Kipf’s (Phillips) first draft of the Forum’s Healthcare Reference Architecture.


Part 1

After attending the Opening Plenary Session, Stig Hagestande (Sykehuspartner, HF) and Jason Lee (Forum Director) met in a private session to discuss the Reference Architecture.

We were joined by Naoki Nakano from Fujitsu (Tokyo). The team greatly benefited from the expanded perspective into the Japanese healthcare system.

The work team extended the RA and presented it to Oliver Kipf when he arrived on October 25.

The work team, having expanded to two Platinum and one Gold member, worked with the Director to begin formalizing the RA model. Dave Lounsbury and long-time modeling expert Ed Roberts provided advice on advancing the model further.

The current version of the RA will be presented to Forum meetings for further improvement starting November 3.

Part 2

Chairman Kipf, Vice-Chairman Hagestande, and the Forum Director worked all day October 26 to prepare for the HCF presentation to the Board on October 27.

The HCF Board presentation will be posted on the Forum’s member plato site and sent by email to the members’ mailing list on November 2.


  • A draft of first version of Healthcare Reference Architecture.
  • A Forum meeting at HIMSS instead of at the San Francisco event was discussed.

Next Steps

  • Present the RA to the entire Forum beginning November 3 and improve through established Forum procedures.
  • Build Forum consensus.
  • Determine how best to use the RA to further member interests and those of The Open Group Healthcare Forum in general.
  • Examine the possibility of meeting at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando.  (Fijitsu and most other member organizations will be in attendance.)
The Open Group Platinum Members