Paris 2016: Proceedings - Open Platform 3.0 & Security Forums

Joint Open Platform 3.0™ & Security Forum Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The aims of the meeting were to discuss:

  • Security and Open Platform 3.0
  • Executable standards and Open Platform 3.0
  • Capabilities of conforming platforms
  • Open Platform 3.0 Forum planning and roadmap


This was a joint meeting of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum and the Security Forum. It discussed a number of aspects of security in relation to Open Platform 3.0, including:

  • Risks and vulnerabilities associated with the emerging Open Platform 3.0 model
  • Security and the Internet of Things
  • Block chain as a basis for secure and auditable data and event management
  • Requirements for accurate time stamping to support security mechanisms

A standard is an agreed way of doing something. An executable standard is a piece of software that captures and supports an agreed way of doing something. The meeting discussed executable standards in relation to Open Platform 3.0. The first example of such a standard will be the reference implementation of the Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) and Open Data Format (O-DF).

A specific capability was discussed: graphical service composition. The Open Group is a partner in the bIoTope project, which is exploring the use of Node-RED for functional composition in the course of its work. This could form a model for a service composition capability, which could be implemented in an executable standard. In such a composition system, O-DEF tagging could be used to determine which components can be plugged together, and could be the basis of the user interface definition.

The Forum roadmap had been presented during the conference.


The results of the meeting are recorded in the minutes (available to members only).

Next Steps

It was agreed to hold a brainstorm meeting with the Security Forum at the San Francisco event, to conduct a threat analysis of scenarios that the Open Platform 3.0 Forum will propose.

Work will continue on extending and documenting the reference implementation of O-MI and O-DF, to form an executable standard.


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