Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg2000-006
Topic: m4

This is an unapproved draft Base Working Group Resolution for XCU5.

Last update: 02 June,2000

								2000 #006


	Topic:			m4
	Relevant Sections:	
	Spec:			XCU5

Resolution Request:

The m4 man page only talks about recognition of octal and decimal
numbers and output of numeric values in any specific radix in the
description of the eval macro.  In all other cases, all implementations
I have seen parse numeric input and produce numeric output using base
10.  This should be addressed explicitly by the specification.

Resolution Response

A future revision should make this explicit as follows:

Add the following to the end of the 1st paragraph at the top of XCU5
P475 (on XCU6 draft 3 P614, L23360 )
	Except for the first argument to the eval built-in macro, all
	numeric built-in macro arguments shall be interpreted as
	decimal values.  The string values produced as the defining
	text of the decr, divnum, incr, index, len, and sysval built-in
	macros shall be in the form of a decimal-constant as defined in
	the C-language.

This problem was identifed during the review of XCU6. This explicit change
matches existing implementations

Circulated for review: 2 Jun 2000
Proposed resolution: 2 Jun 2000