Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg2002-003
Topic: abort

This is an approved Base Working Group Resolution for XSH6

Last update: 31 July,2002

								2002 #003


	Topic:			abnormal termination
	Relevant Sections:	abort
	Spec:			XSH6

Resolution Response

Base WG RESOLUTION: bwg2002-003 (abort())
The Base WG resolves to remove the following XSI shaded paragraph from
the description of abort() on XSH6 P92, L3545-3546:
    XSI On XSI-conformant systems, in addition the abnormal termination
           processing shall include the effect of fclose() on message
           catalog descriptors.

There are several reasons to remove this paragraph:
* No special processing of open message catalogs needs to be performed
prior to abnormal process termination.
* The main reason to specifically mention that abort() include the
effect of fclose() on open streams is to flush output queued on the
stream. Message catalogs in this context are read-only and,
therefore, do not need to be flushed.
* The effect of fclose() on a message catalog descriptor is
unspecified. Message catalog descriptors are allowed, but not
required to be implemented using a file descriptor, but there is no
mention in the standard of a message catalog descriptor using a
standard I/O stream FILE object as would be expected by fclose().

Approved: September 2002