Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg96-01
Topic: pthread_cancel

This is an approved Base Working Group Resolution for XSH Issue 5.

Last update: 05 February,1998

								Eastwood #1


	Topic:			pthread_cancel
	Relevant Sections:	pthread.h
	Spec:			XSH Issue 5

Resolution Request:

pthread_cancel() is missing from ISO 9945-1:1996 2.7.3
for pthread.h.  The synopsis in 18.2.1 has it in pthread.h.
(XSH Issue 5 has it in pthread.h)  

Resolution response

The synopsis (P559, L18763-18764) must not change (it currently matches
POSIX.1-1996).  The test suite should allow the prototype for pthread_cancel()
to appear in either <pthread.h> or <unistd.h> for POSIX.1 compliance
and <pthread.h> only  for UNIX 98 conformance.

This was filed as PASC Interp 1003.1c #41, and the committee
has raised concerns with the sponsor:

"It is the opinion of the interpretations committee that this is not
what the working and balloting groups intended but rather that
pthread_cancel() be defined in pthread.h.  This is being referred to the
sponsor for consideration."

Forwarded to Base group: Nov 27 1996
Updated: 2nd July 1997
Approved:  Feb 1998