Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg96-10
Topic: legal range of prioceiling

This is an approved Base Working Group Resolution for XSH Issue 5.

Last update: 23 February,1998

								Eastwood #10


	Topic:			legal range of prioceiling
	Relevant Sections:	pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling
	Spec:			XSH Issue 5

Resolution Request:
ISO 9945-1:1996, page 305, lines 685-686 define the legal range
of prioceiling for the pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling function.
It says:

The values of prioceiling shall be within the maximum range of
priorities defined by SCHED_FIFO.

9945-1:1996, page 307, lines 756-760, makes an EINVAL return
from pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling an 'if detected' error.

It appears that the aggregation of this error with others in
the 'if detected' catagory in lines 756-760 was a typographical
convenience for the editor, allowing EINVAL to be covered for
the other functions in in one swoop.

Does page 305, lines 685-686 require pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling
to return EINVAL when prioceiling is outside the maximum range of
priorities defined by SCHED_FIFO (hence overriding 756-760) ?

Resolution Response

The specification is clear.

Forwarded to Base group: Dec 11 1996
Approved: Feb 1998