Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg96-12

This is an approved Base Working Group Resolution for XSH Issue 5.

Last update: 24 February,1998

								Eastwood #12


	Relevant Sections:	pthread_condattr_[gs]etpshared
	Spec:			XSH Issue 5

Resolution Request:

ISO 9945-1:1996, page 259, lines 650-651 state that if the
symbol _POSIX_THREAD_PROCESS_SHARED is not defined, then the
process-shared attribute and these functions
(pthread_condattr_[gs]etpshared()) are not supported. Section, page 260 does not call out an ENOSYS return value.
Is it reasonable to infer that if _POSIX_THREAD_PROCESS_SHARED is
not defined that these functions SHOULD NOT EXIST in a conforming
implementation and that recommended application usage is to
protect any use of these functions with conditional compilation
directives ?

Note that other sections of 9945-1:1996 specify ENOSYS for many other
functions dependent on a feature group, such as those on page 302,

Resolution Response
We should not  infer any errors beyond those in POSIX.

Forwarded to Base group: Dec 11 1996
Approved: Feb 1998