Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg97-005
Topic: pthread.h/time.h namespace

This is an approved Base Working Group Resolution for XSH Issue 5.

Last update: 23 February,1998

								97 #005


	Topic:			pthread.h/time.h namespace
	Relevant Sections:	time.h
	Spec:			XSH Issue 5

Resolution Request:

There appears to be an oversight in time.h. 

pthread.h states that symbols from sched.h and time.h may be present. 
In time.h, the function timer_create() includes a struct sigevent 
as an argument. The VSTH (Threads) test suite 
identifies the sigevent structure as namespace pollution. 

time.h should have statement added of the form 

 "The sigevent structure is defined as described in header file <signal.h>."  

Resolution Response

POSIX should allow inclusion of the symbols in the <signal.h> header
when <time.h> included. A POSIX Interpretation request will be filed.


Circulated for review: Jul 2nd 1997
Proposal re-circulated: 25th Sept 1997
Approved: Feb 1998