Base WG Resolution Ref: bwg98-004
Topic: ipcs -b

This is an approved Base Working Group Resolution for XCU5.

Last update: 08 March,2000

								98 #004


	Topic:			ipcs -b
	Relevant Sections:	ipcs
	Spec:			XCU5

Resolution Request:

On XCU5, page  405, the description of the -b option to ipcs says:

Write information on maximum allowable size. (Maximum
number of bytes in messages on queue for message queues,
size of segments for shared memory, and number of
semaphores in each set for semaphores.

On page 409 the entry for NSEMS showing STDOUT format says:

NSEMS (a,t) The number of semaphores in the set associated with the
semaphore entry. This field is written using the format "%d".

where the "(a,t)" indicates this field should be printed when the -a or
-t option is specified on the command line.

The -t option is used to display time fields associated with the IPC
facilities. Since NSEMS is the number of semaphores in the set of
semaphores, the -b option description says it should be printed when -b
is specified. (This is also what historic implementations have done.) I
believe the "NSEMS (a,t)" on page 409 should be changed to "NSEMS

Resolution Response

A future revision of the specification should change "NSEMS (a,t)" on
page 409 to "NSEMS (a,b)" . For this revision of the specification
either behaviour is permitted.

The specification conflicts with historical behaviour.

Circulated for review: Apr 29 1998
Approved: February 2000