Ensuring reliable standards for operating systems

  • Open Platform 3.0™
    Open Platform 3.0 is broadly centered around four to six technology trends converging on each other to form new business models and system designs. The Open Group is advancing its vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ by helping organizations take advantage of the convergence of these modern technologies.
  • The Open Group UNIX® Program
    The UNIX trademark is owned and managed by The Open Group on behalf of the industry to signify products that are certified to conform to the Single UNIX Specification.The UNIX program includes development of the API specification as well as UNIX certification. The UNIX Certification Program provides formal recognition of a product’s conformance to the Single UNIX Specification. Suppliers are able to make and substantiate clear claims of conformance to the standard. Buyers are able to specify and successfully procure conforming products.  Primarily through the work of its Base Work Group, The Open Group is recognized as the world’s leading authority on standards and certifications for open operating systems, including the UNIX® system, POSIX®, and real-time systems.
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