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HTNG Certification Program


Fee Schedule

Refer to Section 7 of the HTNG Certification Policy document for fee applicability.

The fees described below are quoted net of applicable taxes and duties which, where appropriate, will be payable in addition by the Supplier to The Open Group (or to the relevant tax authorities as applicable).

HTNG Members are eligible for discounted fees as shown below. Eligibility for discounted fees is dependent on the applicant being an HTNG-member in good standing on the date that payment is made.

Fee Amount (US $) Payment Due
Certification Fee HTNG Member
Discounted Fee
Certification Fee
- initial certification for a product against a product specification
$5500 $3500 Upon registration to certify a product against a product specification or any product derived from a certified product and classified as requiring a "new certification", as per Sections 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.6, and 7.8 of the HTNG Certification Policy.
Maintenance Release
- HTNG-related functionality
$5500 $3500 Upon request to update the certification register for a maintenance release of HTNG-related functionality, as per Section 7.1 of the HTNG Certification Policy.
Maintenance Release
- non-HTNG functionality
$800 $400 Upon request to update a product's certification information for a maintenance release, as per Section 7.7 of the HTNG Certification Policy.
Renewal Fee $2500 $1500 Upon expiration of the certification period for a product certification.
Amendment fee
$800 $400

Upon execution of any amendment to a product's certification information, such as administrative updates, or re-naming a product as per Section 7.5 of the HTNG Certification Policy.

The Open Group and HTNG reserve the right to amend this fee schedule without notice.

There is no license fee associated with the HTNG Trademark License.


Fees are payable in US dollars by credit card via the HTNG web certification system. Other methods of payment are available upon request, though may delay certification as your registration, update, or renewal cannot be processed until payment has been received.

For further information please contact the HTNG Certification Authority (Email: htng-cert-admin (at),  Fax: +1 415-276-3760).

December 2007
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