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TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems

Objective of Meeting

The.TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems project is a joint project of the Cloud Computing Work Group and the Architecture Forum. Its aims are to explain how to use the TOGAF® Standard to develop an Enterprise Architecture for the cloud ecosystem, and to provide architectural information to drive decisions necessary to evolve the cloud ecosystem. The objective of this meeting was to develop further the draft Guide to using TOGAF® for Cloud that the project is producing.


The participants worked on a draft that already contained substantial content. They reviewed and added to the content, addressing:

  • The document’s cloud ecosystem reference model, its role in the document, and its relation to the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture that is being developed by a separate project of the Cloud Computing Work Group
  • The TOGAF metamodel and its relation to cloud ecosystems
  • The applicability of the approach taken by the Guide to Using TOGAF to Define and Govern SOAs
  • The Technology Architecture section of the document


The meeting resulted in agreement on specific changes and on a plan for completion of the Guide.

Next Steps

The plan is to complete the content of the Guide by the end of July, and then to hold a formal Open Group Company Review in order to achieve publication following The Open Group Conference in October.


See above.

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