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Tutorial: Advanced Concepts in Applying the TOGAF® 9 Standard

Objective of Meeting

Building on the preceding Introduction to the TOGAF® 9 Standard, this second tutorial given by Bill Estrem, President of Metaplexity Associates LLC, focused on advanced concepts in the application of the TOGAF 9 Standard. 


In this tutorial, Bill expanded on a number of key concepts in the TOGAF 9 Standard, focusing in particular on the modeling of Enterprise Architectures using building blocks and patterns, two key concepts within the TOGAF Standard.

He explained the concept of the building block in the TOGAF Standard as a “packet of functionality” – covering not only items of software and hardware, but also, for example, people/roles.

Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) are definitions of requirements and functionality, and Solution Building Blocks (SBBs) are parts of the actual proposed solution. These are defined by an iterative process in the TOGAF ADM.

A related concept is that of patterns – general, re-usable solutions.

A simplified way of thinking about these concepts is that building blocks are the “nouns” and patterns are the “verbs” in the way you construct your architectural “sentence”.


Participants received an excellent overview of some of the advanced concepts in applying the TOGAF Standard framework and its Architecture Development Method (ADM).

Next Steps

The tutorial was very well received, and will be repeated at future Member Conferences. Additional tutorials, focusing on specific aspects of the TOGAF 9 Standard, will also be included at future conferences.


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