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UDEF/QLM Joint Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The Open Group Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group provides the framework to develop and consolidate the open standards necessary to enable lifecycle management to evolve beyond the traditional limits of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) is a framework for describing data to enable interoperability. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the role of UDEF in QLM.


The value of using the UDEF in QLM had been agreed, and the technical basis of its use had been discussed, at previous meetings. This co-operation between the projects had resulted in a presentation by David Potter, Chief Technical Officer, Promise Innovation Oy and Ron Schuldt, Senior Partner, UDEF-IT, LLC being included in the plenary session of the conference program. This presentation, on Big Data: Bringing Order to the Chaos, described how QLM and UDEF can help to bring order to the terminology chaos that faces Big Data implementations.

The present meeting considered a new approach to the core UDEF vocabulary, and the use with it of enterprise and specialist vocabularies, that had been put forward by some members of the UDEF project team. It broadly welcomed this approach, subject to further discussion by the UDEF Interested Parties Group, and further consideration of its impact on QLM by the QLM Work Group.


The meeting did not produce formal outputs.

Next Steps

Discussion of the new approach to UDEF and its application to QLM will continue.


See above.

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