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UDEF Open Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) is a framework for describing data to enable interoperability. A number of versions, with parallel definitions in English, Dutch, and French, have been published to date. These define a core vocabulary, and it is intended that it should be possible to use enterprise and standard specialist vocabularies in conjunction with the core.

The UDEF Interested Parties Group and the UDEF project team are currently developing a standard for commercial UDEF, which will describe how the core is used and evolved, and how enterprise and specialist vocabularies can plug in to it.

The aim of the meeting was to progress the development of this standard.


In the absence of the lead author, who was unfortunately unable to participate, the meeting did not undertake a walk-through of the current draft of the standard, or discuss a detailed time plan for its completion. Instead, it discussed a new approach to the core UDEF vocabulary, and the use with it of enterprise and specialist vocabularies.


The meeting did not produce formal outputs.

Next Steps

UDEF project chair Ron Schuldt will apply the approach that was discussed, to draft an initial part of the core UDEF for further discussion at UDEF Interested Parties web meetings.


See above.

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