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Cloud Computing Work Group Member Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The meeting was held to progress the work of two of the projects of the Cloud Computing Work Group: Cloud Business Artifacts and Cloud Computing Reference Architecture.


The Cloud Business Artifacts project is currently working on two White Papers:

  • Performance metrics to measure cloud services
  • Metrics to measure the business performance of companies producing cloud services

The project co-chairs presented this work to members of the Work Group not actively involved in the project. These members gave positive feedback, and suggestions to investigate relevant work being done by other bodies.

The Cloud Computing Reference Architecture project team is developing an Open Group Technical Standard Reference Architecture for Cloud Computing. It has agreed on a base document and is developing that document into a formal standard. This meeting, which included participation by teleconference link of project members who could not be present, focused on specific issues concerning the arrangement of building blocks of the Reference Architecture.


There were no formal outputs produced by the meeting.

Next Steps

The Cloud Business Artifacts project team will continue development of its White Papers. In view of the substantial nature of the Cloud Services Metrics paper, and the maturity of its content, it will be published as a full Guide rather than a White Paper. Its target publication date is at the end of April.

The Cloud Computing Reference Architecture project team will continue its development, with the aim of publishing its standard in the last quarter of 2013.


See above.

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