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Healthcare Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the members' meeting held on Tuesday was to review and provide feedback on the Treatise White Paper, and on the work plan going forward.

The meeting held on Wednesday aimed to develop brand maps for the Forum, for the various audiences.


The Treatise White Paper and work plan were reviewed and discussed. The meeting also discussed the idea of putting the patient at the center of the healthcare work that we do. There was general agreement that this is a good organizing principle for our work, as well as in the Treatise.

There was discussion around where in the healthcare ecosystem there are standards gaps/deficiencies:

  • Patient data capture, personal observations, biometrics
  • Portal medical info profusion (web portals capturing medical history and data)
  • Specialist data transfer

The brand mapping exercise on Wednesday produced a brand map for healthcare providers.


Action items below. The draft healthcare provider brand map is available on the link provided below (available to Forum members only).

Next Steps

The following actions were captured during the meeting:

  • Extend the Treatise with stories (e.g., vacation surgery) and stakeholder value propositions (physicians, patients, hospitals, insurers), and vision for better outcomes (Larry)
  • Invite HL7 (Ken Rubin) to present on their standards work/scope (Larry)
  • Reach out to and invite WEDI to present on their standards work/scope (TBD)
  • Need to develop target list of vendors: (Steve, Jim)
    • Portals
    • Medical diagnostic equipment
    • Personal health and fitness devices
  • Need to formulate a marketing and communication plan relative to this Forum, including webcasts,¬†Facebook, Open Group HC page, LinkedIn Groups, podcasts/webcasts, Twitter (Jim, Patty)
  • Need to develop brand maps for other audiences, including patient/citizen, payers, and vendors – we will likely do this via individual submissions from Forum members, with Webex meetings to consolidate the input (Jim, Patty, Larry)


The first draft of the Treatise White Paper is available here (members only).

The brand map for healthcare providers is available here.

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