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Architecture Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meeting was progression of the work of the Architecture Forum.


The Open Group Architecture Forum meeting held in San Francisco, CA consisted of a face-to-face meeting on February 6, 2014. There were 13 voting members present. Earlier in the week, commencing the Monday before the meeting, a number of Projects and Standing Committees also met (Minutes from those meetings are available in the Architecture Forum members' site under the Meeting Minutes category.)

The Architecture Forum Chair was not available to attend the meeting. Mike Lambert volunteered the chair the meeting. There were no objections from the attending members.

Members discussed ways to solicit additional white paper development by members, and the possible way forward for TOGAF certification. Dave Lounsbury gave an outbrief of The Open Group conference held in Costa Rica. Members also discussed leadership in the Architecture Forum projects.


This summary, the Action Items, Consent Items, Issues List, detailed minutes, and other conference materials are the outputs of the meeting (available here to members only).

Next Steps

A two-week consensus check on the decisions made will occur after the meeting. The Forum is scheduled to next meet in Amsterdam, Netherlands during the week commencing May 12, 2014. Logistics for the meeting will be available in the Architecture Forum Plato calendar.


See above.

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