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Architecture Forum Outreach

Objective of Meeting

This meeting was opened to both member and non-member organizations. The purpose was to introduce the Architecture Forum and its activities to the majority of attendees in Australia who had never participated in any Forum and were unfamiliar with Architecture Forum operations and content.


No governance activities were held at this meeting; it was informational only.

The meeting was organized around a typical Forum meeting agenda. Attendees were walked through the typical manner in which a meeting is structured and conducted. An overview of the Forum activities in the form of the Forum Spotlight Roadmap was reviewed. The consensus process was discussed, as was the difference between Standing Committees and Projects. The current operating function of the quarterly member meetings as a governance body within the scope of the larger standards process was discussed, as were the responsibilities of the meeting attendees to represent their member company view.


Q&A occurred during and following the information push. Attendees expressed that they had more insight into their member company opportunities for engagement, and non-members saw the value proposition for participation.

Next Steps

Member company follow-up on local time zone-oriented meetings for member companies and local activities based on geography to contribute to Standing Committees and Projects.


More about the Architecture Forum

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