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Platform 3.0 Forum

Objective of Meeting

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the birth, evolution, and use of a number of changes, each of which has the potential to change fundamentally the way we engage with one another. These include: Mobile, Social (both Social Networks and Social Enterprise), Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing. The Open Group has established the Platform 3.0 Forum to advance its vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ by helping enterprises to take advantage of these convergent technologies.

This purpose of the meeting was to discuss the impact that they will have, and the work that the new Forum will do to help enterprises to use them.


The meeting was chaired by Dave Lounsbury, CTO of The Open Group. With Cloud Work Group co-chair TJ Virdi of Boeing, UDEF project chair Ron Schuldt of UDEF-IT, Open Group VP Security Jim Hietala, and Platform 3.0 Forum Director Chris Harding, he delivered a presentation that addressed the objectives of the Forum and the current state of relevant work in The Open Group.

The meeting expressed strong support for the establishment of the Forum, and discussed how it should proceed to achieve its objectives.


The meeting resulted in consensus on the foundation and direction of the new Platform 3.0 Forum of The Open Group.

Next Steps

The Cloud, QLM, and Semantic Interoperability Work Groups will become Work Groups of the Platform 3.0 Forum. Their projects will continue, perhaps with new scope. There will continue to be a separate SOA Work Group, but some SOA work will move into Platform 3.0.

There are gaps in current Open Group work, requiring attention by the Forum, that include social computing big data, networking and telecommunications, data access, and physical sensors and controls. The Open Group will articulate a timeline for identifying leaders and starting activities to address these gaps.

The Forum will seek to liaise with other bodies, inside and outside The Open Group, that are working in related areas. This includes vertical industry bodies whose members would benefit from the new Forum.


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