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TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems

Objective of Meeting

TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems is a joint project of the Cloud Work Group and the Architecture Forum. Its goals and objectives are to explain how to use TOGAF® to develop an Enterprise Architecture for the cloud ecosystem, and to provide architectural information to drive decisions necessary to evolve the cloud ecosystem. It conducts its work mainly through email, the web, and teleconferences. This meeting was an opportunity for project members to meet face-to-face to progress the work.


The meeting discussed the nature of cloud ecosystems and how the preliminary, vision, and architecture development phases of TOGAF® would be conducted in a cloud ecosystem project. It achieved a good understanding of the topic and of how the project should proceed to deliver its planned Guide.


The meeting produced a revised draft definition of cloud ecosystem and an updated draft of its deliverable.

Next Steps

The project team will proceed to develop the Guide.


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