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Architecture Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meetings was progression of the work of the Architecture Forum.


The Architecture Forum’s Washington DC meeting comprised a full day face-to-face meeting on Thursday July 19, 2012. During the week commencing July 15 in Washington DC, a number of Working Groups and Standing Committees also met. (Minutes from those meetings are available in the Architecture Forum members' site under the Meeting Minutes category.)

The July 19 meeting was held in conjunction with the Washington DC Open Group Conference and Member Meetings. At the start of the meeting there were 15 voting members present. As this was insufficient for a quorum, a two-week consensus check on the decisions made will occur after the meeting.

The Forum Chair gave an update on the status of how the Forum Strategy is being actioned. This shows the areas of most activity, together with trend indicators – TOGAF® and Extended Focus have increased activity.

The status of ongoing Forum activities was reviewed using the WG/SC Scorecard. It was agreed to close the TOGAF BIAN, TOGAF TMF Liaison, and TOGAF Next Modeling working groups as they have completed their current activities. This removes the need for administrative reporting and governance for them. They can restart with a new charter if and when necessary.

Four key decisions relating to the development of the next major revision to the TOGAF standard were agreed (further detail is provided in the full meeting minutes):

  1. It was agreed that Part 1 should be concepts and not detail.
  2. It was agreed that only a summary metamodel will be included in Part 1.
  3. It was agreed that Part 2 will support all domains and EA capability.
  4. It was agreed to adopt the Security Forum practice for draft development (the structure and the requirement to update the Plato repository every two weeks).

It was agreed that the Architecture Forum will establish a joint activity with the ArchiMate® Forum to collaborate on aspects of the development of the next version of the TOGAF standard. It was agreed that the Certification Standing Committee should initiate an activity to consider what the certification program should be leading up to and including the next version of the TOGAF standard. It was agreed that an interpretations document would be developed to address the defect reports raised against the TOGAF 9.1 standard. It was agreed to approve the proposed charter and establish a new working group to develop and deliver an EA Capability Assessment Model/Framework and other deliverables (as proposed in the charter).

The meeting included a joint session with the Security Forum, which reviewed the status of their input for the next revision of the TOGAF standard.

The meeting also included a number of informational updates on the Standing Committees and Working Groups that had met during the conference and not reported in other slots.


This summary, the Action Items, Consent Items, Issues List, and the detailed minutes available to members are the outputs of the meeting (available to members only here). Other materials from the Washington DC meetings are in the Washington DC 2012 Materials area of the Architecture Forum members' site (available to members only here).

Next Steps

The Forum is scheduled to next meet in Barcelona, Spain during the week commencing October 22, 2012. Logistics for the meetings will be available in the Architecture Forum calendar.


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