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UDEF Project

Objective of Meeting

The meeting reviewed UDEF status and direction.


The meeting reviewed the results of a workshop that had been held in San Francisco to recommend the direction that a new version of the UDEF should take. Progress since then had been to agree the top-level lists of object classes and properties for the new version. The plug-in concept, discussed in San Francisco, was confirmed as the extensibility mechanism. Roles, also discussed in San Francisco, will also be used.


The meeting produced no formal outputs other than the report and minutes.

Next Steps

The latest approved version of the UDEF will continue to be made available, but will be frozen at its current state.

Work will continue on the new version of the UDEF. The immediate next task is to develop the set of object classes further, starting with those that have been identified as priority one, and with a particular attention to those needed by the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium.


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