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Security and Jericho Forum

Objective of Meeting

The following open sessions were held:

  1. Announcement: The Jericho Forum® "declares success" and sunsets.
  2. Announcement: Launch of the Open FAIR Certification for People program.
  3. Plenary and Tracks, which included security interest – Healthcare and Risk Management.

The member meetings were as follows:

  • Next Version of the TOGAF® Standard – Integrating Security
    This was a joint session with the Architecture Forum to confirm current status and future plans.
  • Joint Security and Jericho Forum Meeting
    Handover of Jericho Forum 2013 deliverables to the Security Forum.
  • Joint Meeting with the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum
    Identity and security are key requirements for Open Platform 3.0.
  • Security Forum Status Review and Future Plans
    Review of current projects, workload, resourcing, Company Review scheduling.
  • Risk Management Framework Project


The Jericho Forum®

In a celebration announcement on Monday lunchtime, The Open Group and leaders of the Jericho Forum celebrated declaring success over achieving its mission to establish de-perimeterization as an accepted fact in the language of information security and its impact on all areas of today’s computing, including the Cloud, Buy/Bring-Your-Own-Device, etc. Accordingly it will “sunset”, passing its legacy of deliverables into the care of The Open Group Security Forum. A one-sheet flyer explaining the background to this decision is available here.

Allen Brown, President & CEO of The Open Group, made the announcement, and Paul Simmonds, Chair of the Jericho Forum, followed with a short review of the Forum’s decade of success. The celebration closed with 11 awards to recognize those leading Jericho Forum members who have shaped and driven the Forum’s decade of success. Read the “Declares Success” event summary here.

The event was live-streamed and the recording is available here.

Open FAIR Certification for People

The new program brings a much-needed “risk analyst” certification to the market. Key partners include CXOware, Architecting the Enterprise, SNA Technologies, and The Unit bv. More information is available here.

Plenary and Tracks

The Healthcare plenary and track and the Risk Management track delivered presentations during the open sessions on Monday and Tuesday. The presentations are available to attendees and all members from the Plenary Report.

Next Version of the TOGAF® Standard – Intregrating Security

In a joint meeting with the Architecture Forum, the Security Forum presented a status report on its progress on its proposals for integrating security architecture into the Foundation part of the TOGAF standard. The presentation is available to members. Actions were agreed as follows:

  • To run an informal member review of these proposals over the period to end November, and evaluate next steps from that point forward
  • To take these proposals forward in a joint reviewto confirm current status and future plans.
  • To review in early December 2013 with the Architecture Forum the Security Forum’s project plans for its scope and structure on developing its Security Practitioner Guidance (Part 2).

Joint Security and Jericho Forum Meeting

With the announcement of the Jericho Forum declaring its decade of success and now sunsetting, members of the Jericho Forum and the Security Forum held a joint meeting to confirm their plans for a smooth handover to the Security Forum of the Jericho Forum’s legacy of deliverables. This included commitment of the Jericho Forum to complete its two remaining planned deliverables from its 2013 program by December 2013, and plans for Open Group Company Review leading to publication of its 2013 deliverables:

  • Managing Network Devices
  • Data Commandments
  • Identity Management
  • Data Protection
  • Smart Data
  • Trust Ecosystem

Joint Meeting with the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

(Refer to the Open Platform 3.0 Forum home page and its Collaboration Plato page.)

The Open Platform 3.0 is broadly centered around four to six technology trends converging on each other to form new business models and system designs for effective management and integration. This is aligned with The Open Group mission to advance its vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ by helping organizations take advantage of the convergence of these modern technology trends.

A key part of this is to include identity, risk, security, and privacy requirements, so the Security Forum is pleased to be engaged in supporting these aspects of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum work.

In this joint meeting, actions were agreed to set up member-sharing facilities between the Open Platform 3.0 Forum and Security Forum for access to existing Open Platform 3.0 use-case material. Security Forum members will then review these use-cases to evaluate which aspects of their existing published and in-progress work are relevant to recommend to the Open Platform 3.0 Forum. The target date for completing this review is end-November 2013, after which we will plan a joint online meeting to evaluate respective Forum recommendations and decide on next steps.

Security Forum Status Review and Future Plans

Members reviewed the Security Forum's list of current projects, the workload these represented – including the additional workload represented by the commitment to run Company Reviews on the Jericho Forum 2013 deliverables – and how to assure this workload is adequately resourced by our membership. Plans for assuring this will be completed in a timely manner and will be confirmed in our next Security Forum Steering Committee meeting in early November 2013.

Risk Management Framework Project

Our new Risk Management Framework project has been given much Security Forum member support for its objectives, so attending members evaluated the current project draft charter and agreed a number of updates to add clarity on the proposed deliverables and recommended approaches to develop them.


As listed in the Summary above.

Next Steps

As indicated in the Summary above, and related actions.


See above. Also see links referenced via the Security Forum project working draft documents available to project members only.

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