San Antonio 2020: Proceedings - Architecture Forum

TOGAF® Product Strategy and TOGAF Evolution Process

Tuesday, January 28, 2:00  pm – 3:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the meeting was to present and discuss the current status of the TOGAF evolution process and the TOGAF Product Strategy defined at The Open Group Executive level.


The current status of the TOGAF evolution after finalization of the Recirculation was presented. Other related topics like the structure, content, and governance of the TOGAF Library and the TOGAF Body of Knowledge were also presented and discussed. In the second part of the session The Open Group Executive view on the product structure and TOGAF standard evolution was also presented and discussed. The presentation included the current status review of the Forum activities related to the TOGAF Backlog.


  • List of consent items to be confirmed in the Forum Governance session in relation to the TOGAF Library content and management
  • List of actions to be followed to support the evolution of the standard
  • Recommendations and feedback in relation to the TOGAF product view to be presented by the Forum Director to The Open Group Executive team
  • Actions to encourage member participation to work and deliver key topics from the TOGAF Backlog

Next Steps

  • Continue with the TOGAF evolution following the current plan
  • Take the actions defined in the session in relation to the TOGAF Library once the Forum has agreed on the proposed direction
  • Continue with the current assessment of the TOGAF Library to deprecate the content
  • Continue with the support of the TOGAF Backlog and encourage more member participation


The Open Group Platinum Members