San Antonio 2020: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners Work Group

Digital Practitioners Work Group

Tuesday, January 28 and Wednesday, January 29

Objective of Meeting

The Digital Practitioners Work Group (DPWG) held member-only meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, and participated in a Joint Session with the IT4IT™ and Architecture Forums on a Digital Standards Framework on Wednesday afternoon. The objective of the members' meeting was to:

  • Agree on an approach to develop a Level 2 Certification program for the DPBoK™ Standard
  • Develop a marketing plan for 2020
  • Lay the groundwork for ecosystem development, conformance approaches, and profession framework opportunities


The group discussed various approaches to Level 2 Certification, and how those certifications might be mapped to known digital job roles. The group reached consensus on doing a single Level 2 Certification program and also working toward role-based experience certifications as part of Open Professions.

The group also heard guidance from The Open Group marketing staff on the best ways to drive adoption of the standard, which in turn will drive certification. Based on this advice, the Work Group will adopt an approach of leveraging known current adopters and alliances with known service management and architecture forums like the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA).

Finally, the group identified 11 priority topics for content addition for a next version targeting a 2020 release.

The Joint Session on Wednesday afternoon reached consensus to work on a framework and marketing plan to make standards of The Open Group that target the digital market more cohesive and consistent.


As part of the Joint Session, members were briefed and invited to contribute to the draft Guide for a “Framework for Digital Standards”.

Next Steps

  • Begin adding content increments for a next version
  • Start creation of the necessary Level 2 Certification documents
  • Work with The Open Group marketing staff to implement the marketing program


Minutes and materials for the DPWG meeting are available to members of the Work Group (which is open to all members of The Open Group) here.

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