San Francisco 2017: Proceedings - ArchiMate Forum

ArchiMate® Forum Members' Meetings

(Wednesday February 1, 9:30 – 12:30)

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the topics and matters of the Forum and to follow up on the different activities under development by the working groups. The meeting also covered the actions and important decisions about the update of the ArchiMate ecosystem due to the release of the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification and improvements in the standard.


The following topics were covered in the meeting:

  • The new elected officers opened the session and welcomed attendees.
  • The meeting started with a discussion about the ArchiMate vision for the long and short term.
  • Review and approval of the meeting minutes and actions from the Paris meeting.
  • Business report presentations: membership numbers, certification program status, and marketing activities.
  • ArchiMate 3.0 ecosystem update presentation.
  • ArchiMate certification program update presentation: for the People and Tools Certification Program.
  • Presentation on the progress of the ArchiMate Exchange File Format.
  • The Capability-Based Planning activity report was presented. The actions to follow are a webinar delivery and a second phase definition for the project.
  • Report from the MOF Development activity, which aims to deliver a MOF metamodel for the ArchiMate language. Work has just started and more members are needed to form a bigger team. More progress is expected in February 2017.
  • A report was presented for improvements in ArchiMate 3.0 activity. A core team is in place and the group is working to put together a list of base requirements considering new features, and also the changes presented in the defect report system.
  • The joint activity with the Open Platform 3.0 Forum to deliver models applied to solution delivery that will support having a more actionable standard is also in progress and the outline was presented.
  • A new joint activity was proposed and accepted to work together with the Open Automation Forum.
  • New joint activities with other Forums are also starting: the IT4IT™ and Architecture Forums, and also a new activity related to the Business Architecture team from the Architecture Forum.
  • Planning for the Berlin meeting was discussed and agreed.


Detailed meeting minutes and list of consent items and open actions to support the current activities and key decisions about the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification and the other Forum activities.

Next Steps

  • Comply with the actions in relation to the update of the ArchiMate ecosystem and the actions defined as a result of the ArchiMate vision discussion
  • Continue with the Forum activities regarding the update of the certification program (People and Tools), following the proper processes
  • Support and engage members in the activities aimed to improve the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification
  • Move forward with the MOF Development activity into the Forum
  • Take actions to improve members' participation and market awareness about the standard usage
  • Support the current activities in place
  • Follow up on the consent items and open actions
  • Do the proper planning for the Berlin members' meeting


The Open Group Platinum Members