San Francisco 2017: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum (IT4IT v2.1)

IT4IT™ Forum Members’ Meetings:
What’s New in the IT4IT Standard, Version 2.1:
IT Financial Management and more ...

(Tuesday, January 31, 2:00-2:30 PM and Wednesday, February 1, 9:00 – 10:30 AM)

Objective of Meeting

The objective of these two "What's New" sessions was to relate the updates that occurred in the latest Version 2.1 release of the IT4IT Reference Architecture Standard, released on January 30, 2017 at this event.


IT4IT Core (Content) Work Group Chair, Lars Rossen of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, presented a list of what’s new in the new IT4IT Standard, Version 2.1.
IT Financial Management (ITFM) Work Group Chair, Philippe Geneste of Accenture presented a detailed explanation of what changed in ITFM in Version 2.1.

The key new elements are:

  • Refined the Service Model Backbone objects in all four IT4IT value streams:


    • Strategy to Portfolio – simplified to manage the "Conceptual Service" object only
    • Requirement to Deploy – moved Logical Blueprint to Auxiliary status and replaced with Logical Service
    • Request to Fulfill – strengthened to include "Service Catalog Entry" as part of the backbone
    • Detect to Correct – nomenclature clarified to become "Actual Service"
    • White Paper with example, based on real work in implementing the backbone at PwC
  • IT Financial Management: Focused on cost tracking across the value chain:
    • Updated with better Auxiliary Functional Components and better data flows to support ITFM
    • New White Paper
  • Update to Functional Component and Attribute definitions
    • More regular and comprehensive
  • Minor changes
    • Aligned value streams structure and improved “Core” VC chapter to clarify topics


None. This was an informational only meeting designed for the purpose of increasing the understanding of members about the newly released version of the IT4IT Standard.

Next Steps

Both Lars and Philippe volunteered to hold a public webinar through The Open Group, repeating this presentation, and also offered to present it again at The Open Group event in Berlin, April 24-27, 2017.


The presentations used in this session are posted for members of The Open Group IT4IT Forum as follows:

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