San Francisco 2017: Proceedings - Security Forum

Security Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

To review current status of activity/initiatives within the Security Forum and establish future directions.


Earlier in the day, the Security Forum conducted an Academic Plenary session on the topic of “Innovative Communities” by Lydia Ortega, Department of Economics, San Jose State University and a panel session on the Open FAIR™ risk analysis conducted on behalf of the Norwegian Regional Healthcare Project by the San Jose State University (SJSU) economics department. This student-conducted risk analysis dealt specifically with the remote collection of data of home dialysis. This initiative was part of the Open Group Academic Program.

A “lessons learned” discussion was conducted on the Open FAIR risk analysis conducted by the SJSU students. One of the recommendations from the attending members was that this analysis should be extended for the general case of telemedicine. SJSU believes that this could be done by the SJSU economics department, but that it should be treated as a new initiative and would require additional funding. There was general consensus by the members of the Security Forum that it should consider taking on this initiative.

Four new Academic Institutions outside the US has expressed interest in participating in The Open Group Academic Program. There is a need to extend the current interim program to support other Open Group Forums as well Academic Institutions outside the US. The program is intended to be revenue-neutral but currently is not.

The current status of the “Security Practitioner’s” body of knowledge and certification program was discussed. We need to do a market analysis of current security certification programs to determine gap analysis and proper positioning of the program. It has also been discovered that a collaborative program jointly developed by The Open Group and the SABSA Institute has a great deal of appeal to New Zealand and Australian Governments.

Next Steps

  • Determine the feasibility and funding of an Open FAIR risk analysis on the general case of telemedicine
  • Extend the Academic Program to support additional academic institutions as well as across Open Group Forums; this should specifically include academic institutions outside the US
  • Explore the relevance of a “Security Practitioner’s” certification program in New Zealand and Australia


  • Innovative Communities
    Keynote Speaker: Lydia Ortega, Department of Economics, San Jose State University
  • Norwegian Regional Healthcare Project & Open FAIR™
    Keynote Speaker: Mike Jerbic, Principal Consultant, Trusted Systems Consulting Group
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Open FAIR™ in Practice
    Moderated by: Mike Jerbic, Principal Consultant, Trusted Systems Consulting Group
    Panelists: Lydia Ortega, Department of Economics, San Jose State University;
    Eva Kuiper, ESS GRC Security Consultant, HPE;
    John Linford, Lecturer, San Jose State University; and
    Sushmitha Kasturi, Undergraduate Researcher, San Jose State University
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