Scottsdale 2019: Proceedings - Open Platform 3.0 Forum

Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

Objective of Meeting

Following a successful year of consolidation in 2018, the Open Platform 3.0 Forum took the opportunity in Scottsdale to publicize its latest publications and to provide thought leadership on the business value of data.


Conference Presentations and Sessions

All Plenary presentations are available to members and attendees from the Plenary Report.

The following sessions were recorded, and we hope to share the videos in the near future on the Open Platform 3.0 Community of Interest Group on Linkedin (see Links below).

  • Implementing the Future – Digital Transformation and the SOA4BT Guide, Nikhil Kumar, President, Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.
    Following nearly six years of development, the much-anticipated Service-Oriented Architecture for Business Technology (SOA4BT) Guide is now in the last stages of review ahead of publication. The Guide provides an actionable path so that, if followed, it will enable any organization to enable execution of its operations based on a services and capability model, transforming it into a Service-Oriented Enterprise. The SOA4BT Guide, which is going to be a very significant publication, comes with a model, supporting assets, and a methodology. Project lead Nikhil Kumar presented an introduction to the SOA4BT concepts, describing how they could be practically used in an organization to drive Digital Transformation.
  • Autonomous Cars and Urban Mobility in a Digital Environment, Florian Mayer, Project Manager, BMW AG
    Florian, a project manager for BMW mobility technologies, has been working in conjunction with bIoTope, a smart cities research project funded by the European Union within initiative Horizon 2020. The bIoTope project is active across the EU with live projects in several cities including Lyon, Brussels, and Helsinki. The project was an early adopter of The Open Group IoT Standards O-MI and O-DF, and over the last few years it has been using, validating, and developing these standards. As a result, updated versions (V2.0) of both standards will soon be released. Florian described how autonomous cars will change the mobility market, and how the O-MI and O-DF standards can be used to enable smart cars to exchange information within smart cities.
  • A Canyon to Bridge: Data and Information Architecture, Don Brancato, Chief Strategy Architect, The Boeing Company
    Data is generated and processed throughout enterprises: in factories, by machines, and in offices. To collate the data and present it as information that can be used to support decision-making, powerful information management architecture is needed. Don Brancato, the Open Platform 3.0 resident data guru, and the Chief Strategy Architect in the Boeing Global Data Strategy Office, described how Cloud, the Internet of Things, Semantics, and Artificial Intelligence can be used to handle both data and information, and build the bridge between them.
  • The Business Value of O-DEF™ – An Open Group Standard for Data, Ronald Schuldt, Manager, Data-Harmonizing, LLC
    It has been an exciting year for the O-DEF standard, as we have been creating a new Guide that will show how the O-DEF can be used in the shipping and logistics industry. Ron Schuldt explained how, as new technologies emerge into the business applications landscape, the one thing that remains constant is the need to integrate data across the disparate systems. While the typical approach has been to use APIs between systems, this approach becomes very expensive as the number of systems increases. Another approach is to use domain-specific data standards, an approach that becomes problematic if the business must deal with multiple domains. However, both of these problems can be overcome using the O-DEF, an open framework that establishes a common vocabulary and language-independent identifiers that provide the "bar code like" mechanism for semantic understanding across systems.
  • PANEL: Business Value from Data, Panelists: Don Brancato, Florian Mayer, Ronald Schuldt, Moderated by: Dana Gardner
    Pulling together the messages from the presentations listed above, the speakers discussed the importance and value of data in making strategic decisions, and the techniques and technologies that can be used to improve the quality of data use and analysis.

Open Platform 3.0 Forum Member Meeting

We had a productive meeting, with many of our most active members in attendance. This was a working meeting, with development of standards, and discussion about the future direction of the Forum. Full details can be found in the meeting minutes (see Links below).

We covered:

  • The Roadmap for OP3 and SOA
    Recent and upcoming events include the launch of the new O-DEF website, and the publication of the SOA4BT Guide and updated O-DF and O-MI Standards, and also a White Paper on Microservices for DevOps. In addition, we are currently working on the Reference Architecture for the Open Platform, and a White Paper on Safety in Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Marketing
    Since summer last year, we have been discussing the future branding and name of the Forum. We have settled on “Digital Evolution Forum”. A marketing request from has been prepared and will soon be sent to The Open Group Executive team for consideration. Once we have agreed the name, we will relaunch the Forum, with a new website, and more active communication of the O-MI, O-DEF, and O-DF standards.
  • Data Science
    The Data Scientist Profession was launched at the Scottsdale event. We discussed how, as a Forum, we could better understand and help the data science community.
  • Reference Architecture Development
    We reviewed work and contributions so far to the Reference Architecture document and made changes to the draft. This remains a work-in-progess.
  • Updates to the O-DEF Standard and making it Executable
    The new O-DEF website has been launched. It will continue to be developed in the coming months. We are also creating a web application that will be able to convert between natural language and O-DEF values, for the first time making this standard easily executable. This year we will be publishing a Guide for O-DEF, and will also bring together the various snapshots, plugins, and extensions that exist for O-DEF, update these, and bring them together into one coherent standard.


  • Advances on the Reference Architecture for the Open Platform
  • Minutes of the meeting, linked below
  • Recordings of the presentations, to be made available on the LinkedIn Group as soon as possible

Next Steps

Agreements to:

  • Progress the development of the Reference Architecture, O-DEF Guide, O-MI V2, and O-DF V2, and the White Paper on Safety in Autonomous Vehicles
  • Change the name of the Forum and relaunch as soon as possible
  • To work with the data scientist community and see how we can serve them as a Forum
  • To continue developing the O-DEF as an executable standard, to keep developing the translation app and website, and to complete the new O-DEF Guide


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