Microservices Architecture – About the Authors


Somasundram Balakrushnan, Salesforce.com (MSA Project Co-Chair)

Somasundram Balakrushnan is a Senior Program Architect at Salesforce.com and a TOGAF 9 Certified Enterprise Architecture practitioner. He is an experienced Enterprise Architect and leader in SOA-based architecture development. He has led multiple teams in developing proof-of-concept architectures using microservices. His association with The Open Group includes: the SOA Work Group, Microservices Architecture (MSA), evolution of the TOGAF® standard, and Open Platform 3.0™. Som is leading the MSA Project in the capacity of Co-Chair.

John Bell, Ajontech LLC

John T. Bell is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Ajontech LLC. He has over 35 years’ experience in the Information Technology industry and 14 years supporting IT within hospitality-related companies. He chairs multiple working groups for the IEEE and the Hotel Technology Next Generation Consortium. John is also co-chair of The Open Group SOA Reference Architecture work.

Benjamin Currier, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Benjamin Currier is a Solutions Architect for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He works primarily with customers in the Airline and Financial industries specializing in Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Business Process Management (BPM). He also works with a variety of customers interested in accelerating IT delivery through agile methodologies, DevOps practices, and cloud computing.

Ed Harrington, Conexiam

Ed Harrington is an Enterprise Architect at Conexiam and has chaired multiple Open Group Forums and projects. He is a major author of the SOA Ontology, a Standard of The Open Group, and has been involved in The Open Group SOA Work Group since its inception. He has long been a proponent of the concept of Enterprise Architecture sustainability.

Brian Helstrom, IBM

Brian Helstrom is a Senior Enterprise Architect at IBM. He has a long history of developing Enterprise Architectures for multiple clients. Brian spent more than seven years leading development and implementations of SOA and has developed MSA proof-of-concept architectures.

Peter Maloney, Raytheon Company

Peter Maloney is a Senior Engineering Fellow at Raytheon Company. He became interested in Enterprise Architectures and particularly SOA as a result of the ever-expanding need for providing access to increasingly complex data products to a diverse group of end users, with the resulting needs for collaboration, throughput management, and security. He is a Raytheon Certified Architect, a program accredited by The Open Group, and a three-time winner of the Raytheon Excellence in Technology Award. He holds one patent and has authored more than a dozen papers.

Ovace Mamnoon, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (MSA Project Co-Chair)

Ovace A. Mamnoon is an Engineer, an Enterprise Architect, and a Practice Principal at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His near 20 years of varied work experience encompass areas that have a strong bearing on Microservices Architecture (MSA) including developing embedded systems, SmartGrid design and implementation, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Digital Enterprise, and others, all with a strong focus on Enterprise Architecture. Ovace is an active participant in The Open Group and is a Co-Chair of The Open Group MSA Project.

Marcelo Martins, IBM

Marcelo Martins is an IBM Senior Certified and Open Group Distinguished Certified IT Architect, member of the IBM IT Architecture certification board, and member of the Canadian Academy of Technology Affiliate. In his 25 years of experience in IT, he has focused in enterprise, integration, and application architectures. He has worked with major customers in Canada and worldwide in the design and delivery of complex systems. Currently, Marcelo is a Client Technical Leader working with customers in the financial sector in Canada, helping them define technical strategies and adoption of emerging technologies. Marcelo has recently authored an IBM Redbook on microservices (Microservices from Theory to Practice) and continues to collaborate with the technical community within and outside IBM on furthering microservices understanding and adoption.