Service-Oriented Architecture – Acknowledgements


The Open Group gratefully acknowledges the following people in contributing, either directly or indirectly, to this part of the Source Book.

The material is derived from general work on SOA that was done by the SOA Work Group, but not within any of its projects. In particular, it draws on work that was done for the White Paper on SOA that was published by The Open Group in July 2007.

The co-chairs of the SOA Working Group, Tony Carrato (IBM) and Mats Gejnevall (Capgemini), together with former co-chair Chris Greenslade (CLARS), member Jorge Diaz (IBM), and Forum Director Chris Harding (The Open Group), comprise the Working Group's Steering Committee. They are responsible for the overall direction of the Working Group and contribute greatly to the quality of its work. In addition, Tony Carrato took a particular interest in guiding the development of the Source Book. Chris Harding was primary author of the White Paper.

Over 400 people have been involved in the SOA Working Group. It is not possible to mention them all individually, but their collective contribution, to the ideas behind this and other parts of the Source Book, is important.