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Subject Areas

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The Open Group member organizations work to establish open, vendor-neutral IT standards and certifications in a variety of subject areas critical to the enterprise.



  • Enterprise Architecture

    The Open Group standards and certification programs for Enterprise Architecture have been adopted worldwide. Members involved in their evolution gain access to relevant knowledge, resources and experience, and have the opportunity to network with a world-class community of experts and peers. This enables them to grow professionally, gain personal recognition, and establish professional contacts. Enterprises using these Open Group standards say that they benefit from using the most prominent, useful, proven and tested EA standards and certifications. Having staff and business partners alike all speak the same language saves both time and money, and the certification programs are both a benchmark for hiring and a valuable element of staff development programs.

    Learn more about our leading global standards for Enterprise Architecture and certification for Enterprise, IT and Business Architects

  • Cloud Computing

    The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group is working with other industry bodies to facilitate the growth of Cloud Computing and its deployment in enterprises. As you would expect from The Open Group, its focus is on secure architecture enabled by open systems.

    Learn what we are doing about this latest development in information technology

  • Platforms

    The Open Group is recognized as the world’s leading authority on standards and certifications for open operating systems. We ensure reliable standards for operating systems.

    Read about The Open Group Platform 3.0 Forum and the UNIX® Certification Program

  • Product Lifecycle

    In developing open standards to meet the challenges of product lifecycle management, The Open Group Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group provides the framework to develop and consolidate the open standards necessary to enable lifecycle management to evolve beyond the traditional limits of product lifecycle management (PLM).

    Read more about how we do this

  • Real-time & Embedded Systems

    The Open Group Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum brings together core technology suppliers, integrators and customers in order to:

    • Lead the development of architecture methods and models for multiple levels of assurance with sufficient evidence
    • Connect architecture to engineering to mitigate risk and ensure dependability
    • Secure reliable standards (based on MILS™) that build-in
      • Core dependability at the operating system level
      • Standard APIs that enable middleware and applications to interface with those core components in a way that maintains that same level of dependability and security

    How we develop high-assurance architecture models, standards, validation and certification to assure dependability at multiple levels 

  • Security

    Assuring the security of corporate data, information systems and critical infrastructure is a challenging task, requiring the joint efforts of customers, software and platform vendors, and governments. The Open Group drives optimal security by hosting a variety of Forums, Work Groups and projects that address various aspects of the challenge of security.

    Discover the various ways in which we achieve this

  • IT4IT

    The IT4IT vision is a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT. The mission of the The Open Group IT4IT Forum is to develop, evolve, and drive the business adoption of the IT4IT Reference Architecture.

    Find out more about the IT4IT Reference Architecture and IT4IT Forum

  • Service-Oriented Architecture

    Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style that supports service-orientation — a way of thinking in terms of services, service-based development and the outcomes of services. It is particularly important to The Open Group because it can enable enterprises to achieve Boundaryless Information Flow™. SOA is now established as a mature architectural style. Its deployment in enterprises is growing, and will continue to gain wider adoption. The advent of Cloud Computing is reinforcing the value of SOA, as SOA facilitates the effective use of the Cloud.

    Find out how we are working to assist business and information technology professionals within and outside of The Open Group to understand and adopt SOA