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Test Suites

The LSB-FHS test suite, tests the filesystem hierarchy aspects of the Linux Standard Base, as defined in the FHS 2.x specification, is now available for download from:

The LSB-FHS test suite has been successfully integrated into the LSB Runtime test suite available from the Free Standards Group.

This version of the LSB-FHS has been setup to autoconfigure on Linux systems. A front end script is used to auto install, setup and run the test suite. In theory this should allow running of the test suite by those unfamiliar with configuring the test suites.

For copy of the FHS specification, see

For a copy of the LSB specification, see

This test suite uses the Test Environment Toolkit, for more information see the web site.

The process for developing the test suite is described here.

View slides on the LSB-FHS given at the LinuxWorld conference.

Present Status

LSB-FHS2.3 merged into LSB 2.0 runtime tests.

This test suite is now being maintained in the LSB CVS tree see




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