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Test Suites

POSIX 1003.13-1998 Profile 54 Test Suite


VSPSE54:1998 is a modular test suite for IEEE Std POSIX 1003.13-1998 Profile 54, which contains strategies conformant to that profile.  The PSE54 Test Package modifies three other Open Group Test Suites to form the a test suite for the system call and library parts of PSE54; VSX4, VSTH (Threads) and VSRT (Realtime) so that they offer options to limit the test coverage to the Units of Functionality contained in a profile 54 environment. Thus VSX4, VSTH and VSRT are prerequisite products. To test a full Profile 54 also requires the VSC test suite for Shell and Utilities. More information on VSC is available here

This Test Suite requires that TETware, VSXgen and the VSX4, VSTH and VSRT POSIX test suites are installed and configured.  It provides a configurable means of selecting which Units of Functionality are to be run by using a scenario file that is subdivided into scenarios for each of them.

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The script runPROFILE54 is an interface to the tcc command and, therefore, accept all the options of the tcc command. The goal of the runPROFILE54 is to make the running of the test suite easier by selecting the correct scenario file according to the Mode of Operation selected.

For example: ""runPROFILE54 -b" would run the testing of the build of all the test cases available in the three test suites that are profile 54 compliant.

"runPROFILE54 -e -y fopen" would run the testing of the execution of all the fopen test cases available in the three test suites that are profile 54 compliant.

You can also pass a Unit of Functionality to the script as a parameter (the list of Units of Functionality available are given at the end of this document). For example: "runPROFILE54 -b _POSIX_SEMAPHORES" would test the building of the functions that are covered by the POSIX_SEMAPHORES Unit of Functionality

Once the utility has run the relevant tests, runPROFILE54 will also give a summary of the results of the completed test run, showing the number of tests by Result Codes. A more detailed report is then produced and is available for the user in a file called vrpt.txt.

Units of Functionality

Below is the list of all the Units of Functionality available in the Profile 54 scenarios:


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Modular Design

VSPSE54:1998 is modular, both at the implementation level and at the user level. The testing process is divided into clear stages -

Each stage is clearly documented in the User and Installation Guide, which accompanies the product.


This stage includes setting up user-ids and groups for testing, and reading the tape. This stage includes configuring and installing the TETware harness, which is used to control building, execution and cleanup of VSPSE54 tests.

Configuration and Installation

VSPSE54 automatically installs on most common platforms. Where system dependencies may vary, these are isolated into clearly defined user changeable sections of the test suite. During this stage VSPSE54 builds the test harness and associated libraries.

Test Building

VSPSE54 separates the building of the test harness and tools from the testsets themselves. The test suite may be built completely or in sub-sections, which decrease in granularity from test sections and areas down to individual testsets.

Test Execution

Once built, the test suite may be run as a whole in one pass, or in sub-sections which decrease in granularity from test areas down to individual tests within testsets. If you are producing an X/Open branding application the test suite must run in a single uninterrupted pass.

Test Reporting

VSPSE54 generates an intermediate level journal file in a TET compliant format. This is sufficient for debugging purposes. When a formal report is required, such as for X/Open branding then the formal report writers provided with VSPSE54 are used to process the journal file.

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POSIX is a registered trademark of the IEEE.

Further Information

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