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Welcome to the TOGAF Certification web site

TOGAF Certification is for both individuals and organizations. Individuals can become certified by demonstrating their knowledge of TOGAF either by attending a training course or passing an examination test. Organizations can have their products (TOGAF Tools or Training Courses), and services certified. For more information see the TOGAF Product Standards.

The following documents should be read and understood prior to certification, since you will be required to agree to them during that process:

The TOGAF Certification Policy [PDF]
The TOGAF Certification Agreement

The significant highlights of the certification process are outlined below:

  1. The Certification Authority for this program is The Open Group, LLC.

  2. A product, service or individual will be certified and entered on the certification register once the Certification Authority is satisfied that the product, service or individual meets the applicable Conformance Requirements and all other requirements, including formally agreeing to all the required terms, have been met.

  3. A license to use the TOGAF certification logo in connection with the product, service or individual will be granted when certification is achieved.

  4. All product information supplied to the Certification Authority will be treated as confidential as required by the Certification Agreement.

  5. The Certification Authority may, from time to time, request proof that the product, service or individual remains in compliance with the requirements outlined in the Conformance requirements as per the Certification Policy Document.

  6. A current TOGAF commercial license is a pre-requisite for registration on this site for certain product standards as described in the policy and certified products and services remain valid only while the appropriate license remains valid.

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