TOGAF® 8 Practitioner Renewal

This is applicable only for individuals who are certified under the TOGAF Certification program as TOGAF 8 Certified and who wish to renew their certification for another two year period. The renewal period is two years applied to your renewal date, so you can renew early if you wish. If you renew in the 30 day grace period the renewal date is applied to the original renewal date. If your certification has lapsed more than two years and you want to become current again, two renewals are required.

In order to renew your TOGAF Certified as an individual for a further two year period you are required to pay a $300 fee. You will be emailed at 30 days in advance and a URL will be provided for you to do so. This allows you to pay your renewal fee online.

Alternatively, to renew now, please click here to visit the online store.

Once payment is complete you will receive a receipt, and typically within 3 working days your status will be renewed and notification sent to you of where to download your latest certificate.

What are the benefits of renewing my certification?

  • Continued inclusion in the register of certified practitioners. Employers are increasingly seeking TOGAF certified practitioners and will check the register for proof.
  • Continued rights to use the TOGAF 8 Certified logo on business cards, etc.

Batch Renewal

The fee bands for batch renewals are detailed in the online store. They are based on the total number of certified individuals your employer has on the register at renewal time. They can be as low as $100 per individual for two years renewal. Payment must be received before the first renewal date in the batch. The minimum batch size is two individuals.